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Fortuna Dusseldorf: The U 23 brings anger on board - Regionalliga

The young striker was in his youth at the two well-known Frankfurter clubs under contract: From FSV he changed in the U 17 to Eintracht. Last summer, anger decided to switch to 1. FC Cologne to collect in the second team game practice in the Regionalliga. In its 17 missions, he was able to record three scorer points (2 goals, 1 template). The director of the Düsseldorfer Nachschiefsleistungszentrum, Frank Schaefer, describes anger as a new entry, which "expands the options in the offensive area through its maneuverability and variability". Another important factor in the commitment of the 20-year striker was his good physical condition, since he was "involved in the training and playing in the Regionalliga last year." On August 14, the Düsseldorfer open their upcoming regional league season against local ranks against the sports fans Lotte.


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